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Honda Accord Years Available – Transmission Control Units 1990 1991 1992 1993

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The transmission control unit and the engine control unit (ECU) are generally one unit for most motor vehicles. This contains the PCM (power-train module) and the ECU for easier care. Many vehicles contain multiple computers, such as the PCM, the Transmission Control Unit and Body Control Module. These computers provide reliable technology and information necessary for continued operation. As the brain of the engine control systems, the PCM is just one of the on-board computers working to keep the vehicle running smoothly. This unit alone controls over 100 different functions for your car or truck. When a problem occurs, hundreds of error codes inform the technician of the malfunction. These codes help diagnosis the problem quickly to reduce the damages to vehicles. The “check engine” light indicates an error code has been discovered and requires attention as soon as possible.

Hondas have a variety of sensors that are installed throughout the vehicle. The ECUs, ECMs, TCMs and PCMs work together to monitor your car or truck for reliable care, engine management and performance, but these sensors often require replacing to remain effective.