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What to do with a faulty ECU

An ECU, also known as an ECM, is the internal computer of a car. Sometimes they need to be replaced. Often, the symptoms that a faulty part can cause may be misdiagnosed by a professional mechanic, potentially costing you thousands. The main sign that something is wrong with it is that your check engine light will be on. However, this can also signify many other issues.

In order to verify that the cause is in fact a faulty ECM, turn the key three times in the ignition. This should cause the error code to appear on the dashboard, as long as your check engine light is on. If the problem is in your ECM, the code should be 'P0601.' This is far cheaper than taking your car to a dealer to get it checked.

In order to order the correct part, you will need both your serial number and VIN number. The VIN number should be in your registration and you will have to look between the air filter and the car's grill under the hood in order to find the serial number. Be careful that you don't confuse 6's and 9's, as it's possible that you might be reading the number upside-down.

To install the new part, first remove the air filter housing (this will require a 10mm wrench). Just unscrew the nuts holding it in place and set it aside. Then you will have direct access to the ECU. It should have three cables hooked into its back and a serial number.

To replace it, carefully unplug the cables and unscrew the pair of screws holding it in place. Take it out and set it aside. You can either ship it to an exchange company or dispose of it. To install the new one, screw it in where the old one was, replug the cables, and put the air filter housing back on top of it.

Once this process is complete, make sure that the car runs properly.